Get to Know The Original Pancake House

Get to Know The Original Pancake House

Learn about the homemade food on our breakfast menu in Tyler, TX

Les Highet and Erma Hueneke founded The Original Pancake House in Portland, Oregon in 1953. The restaurant evolved from a second and third generation business. There are now hundreds of The Original Pancake House franchises across the country.

For years, people have hoped the delicious food from the breakfast menu at The Original Pancake House would make its way to Tyler, TX. Well, the wait is finally over. We've brought the fantastic food to you!

Stop by today to see why people love the food at The Original Pancake House.

Learn about The Original Pancake House process

At The Original Pancake House, the recipes on our pancake menu in Tyler, TX demand the very finest of ingredients available. We only use:

  • 93 score butter
  • Pure 36% whipping cream
  • Fresh, grade AA eggs
  • Hard wheat unbleached flour
  • A proprietary sourdough starter recipe

Each day, we make our batters and sauces fresh in our restaurant's kitchen.

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